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Music is the journey that accompanies life.

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During whatever stage of my life, music has always been an anchor, companion, and refuge. It has the unique ability to speak to so many people, on so many levels, and meet them at the exact place where they are in their lives - as I can testify from my personal experience. Although my journey to become a musician was not conventional, I feel fortunate to have found my way here and that I'm able to do what I love and share that with each of you.

My debut solo album, "New Beginnings", is filled with all original songs with deep lyrical meaning and musicality. Every topic or theme that is interwoven into a song is from a personal experience that had an impact on my life - some serious and some fun as life is made up of both, and everything in between.

I'm not just a singer/songwriter, but also a passionate performer who loves to perform and entertain a crowd with songs that have influenced me over my lifetime. I am an utmost professional and strive to always entertain and engage the crowd. I love to intertwine my unique style into some of my favorite songs from decades past while still covering popular current songs that will get the crowd on their feet.

I hope you take a listen, let me know what you think, and follow along on my journey!



Rare is the artist - at least these days - who balances great melody, songwriting and deep messages interwoven with well-balanced production. I hope you'll really dig this record as much as we enjoyed making it

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David Ruttenberg

GRAMMY Producer - Engineer - Composer